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We provide services of implementation of investments in the design-deliver-build system. We have wide trading contacts with many designing offices and so we operate in all businesses in the designing area.

We offer the operation maintenance service no three cooperation planes:

  •  Intervention plane – it includes the visit of a special repair team in emergency situations
  •  Full plane – it includes taking control over current repairs and creating a preparatory and reparatory workshop equipped with proper equipment at the client’s site.
  •  Mixed plane – combination of first two planes. The solution guaranteeing full operation of the facility in a standardised working time and in emergency. The main difference between the full and mixed solution is the scale of reparatory activities

The operation maintenance tasks include the following:

  •  Mechanical works
  •  Installation works
  •  Operation of devices and production lines
  •  Reparatory service
  •  Steel structure maintenance
  •  Technical support
  • Steel pipelines with diameters from DN10 to DN6000 – common construction, boiler, stainless materials.
  • Prefabricated steel pipelines with cooling jacket – boiler, heatproof materials
  • Sanitary and technological pipelines from plastics – PE / PP materials
  • Installation of fittings and tanks
  • Installation of power devices (e.g. pumps and fans) and technological devices For utilities: water / hot tap water / central heating / oxygen / gas / steam / compressed air / loose materials
  • Rolling mill trains, e.g.: rolling mill cages, shears, loop formers, roller tables.
  • Finishing trains, e.g.: packing devices, chain conveyors,
  • Metallurgic technological devices
  • Conveyors – band, bucket, helical, roll conveyors, etc.
  • Air, exhaust fume, dust removal ducts, etc.
  • Trackways for gantry cranes and working machines
  • Vibrating screens
  • Rotary mills
  • Dumping machines
  • Pneumatic / hydraulic actuators
  • Pumps, compressors, fans
  • Load-bearing – trusses, posts, trestle bridges, supports, etc.
  • Technological – load-bearing frames, supports for devices
  • Tanks – pressure and non-pressure tanks
  • Dispensers and chutes for loose materials – carbon, stone, cement, lime, etc.
  • Auxiliary structures – platforms, barriers, etc.
  • Anticorrosive works (including facility-related ones)

Prefabrication of any machine parts based on the received technical documentation or according to a pattern

  • Machining – turning, milling, boring, padding.
  • Thermal processing – quenching, quenching and tempering
  • Chemical processing – nitration, carburising, chroming.